Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Second Left

The Second Left

Many people I meet on my mission, often express their concern and confusion about not knowing what direction to take in life. They feel as though God does not love or listen to them, because they have not yet learnt how to recognize the still, small voice of the Spirit. This still, small voice is not a loud or obvious voice, but one of perfect meekness that can touch our very hearts. I have learnt the importance of always being in tune, and trying my hardest to listen to what Heavenly Father would have me know. I have seen so many times in my life, where trusting in Heavenly Father and listening for the voice of the spirit, has guided me and my path.

I remember an experience I had, only a few months before leaving on my mission. Because of my lack of shopping coordination, I had planned and organised a day for me and one of my best mates to go mission shopping so I could buy the clothes I needed. The night before, the plans were all confirmed, and we got everything ready to go. Early the next morning, we headed up to the airport to see off a good friend who was leaving to serve their mission. As we headed back, we continued to discuss plans of where we would go, and what we needed to get. I loved hanging out with my mates, so this was going to be an awesome day!

We were nearly back home to grab some lunch, when he got a phone call from his boss asking him to fill a shift, only a few hours away, for a sick colleague. Being the nice Mormons we are, the decision to help out by filling the shift was made pretty quickly. So I dropped him off, and headed out to the shops. But then I realise a problem. I couldn't remember anything I was going to get done. So already being disappointed about not being able to hang out, and now not knowing what I needed to do, I started getting a little stressed. And stressing always causes problems.

I finally made it to the shopping center, only to realize that everybody else had the same idea as me. People and cars everywhere! I drove around carpark after carpark looking for just one spot to park. It had been 20 minutes of driving around now, and I still hadn't found a park. I had already driven around the carpark 3 times, when the thought popped into my head; "Pray, He is there." This thought seemed to hit me very powerfully, so I gave it a try. By this point, I was already pretty disappointed, and was now just getting frustrated. I remember, the only thing I said was; "Dad, I'm having a really bad day. Can you please help me find a spot to park my car?" Now, I'm not sure what I expected to happen, but what did happen changed my life and relationship with Heavenly Father forever. 

Instantly after saying 'Amen', I heard a voice that was so loud, yet so soft and quite. All it said was, "Take the second left, I've prepared a way for you." A complete feeling of peace and love came over me, and I followed the instruction. As I took the second left, there was only one moving car in sight, and it was backing out of the perfect parking spot. My short and simple prayer was answered by my loving Heavenly Father, who only wanted to make sure I had a good day.

This small and simple experience reminded me of a favorite primary children's song. In the second verse it says:
"Pray, He is there. Speak, He is listening. You are His child, His love now surrounds you. He hears your prayers, He loves the children. Of thus, is the kingdom, the Kingdom of Heaven." (A Child's Prayer - #12 LDS Childrens Songbook)

God lives, and loves every one of His children. He is our loving Heavenly Father, and He wants us to be happy and successful in our life. He wants to communicate with us so that He can show us how much love He has to give. I have seen the miracles that come from sincere and humble prayer, as I have taken many of life's problems to my Father in Heaven. And every time, without fail, He answers my prayers and shows exactly how much He loves me. Heavenly Father will never leave us helpless, no matter how insignificant our problems may seem. Of this I can honestly testify.

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